Sailing The British Virgin Islands

Sailing The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are among the world’s most well known cruising goals and you just need to glance around to comprehend why. Laid back and calm, the BVIs are level out beautiful to cruise and investigate. Bounce on board our best in class sailboat and find segregated inlets, inconceivably excellent swimming spots, and amazing islands essentially untouched by people.

What to expect

Known as the best best of nature, the British Virgin Islands are effortlessly available cruising heaven on the Caribbean Coast. It’s unarguably outstanding among other goals for cruising the world over.

The existences of year-round warm climate, reliable exchange winds and view path way route have made it workable for this district to offer top sailing knowledge. English Virgin Islands or BVI for short is an extreme mariner’s heaven.

The Location –

BVI is honored with in excess of 60 islands and cays — all are for the most part untainted nature with beautiful white sand shorelines, a lot of marine animal categories and an unwinding vibe of the islands. Only an ideal goal for your Sailing Holidays in BVI.

Some extremely uncommon spots are: an enormous zone of awesome rocks on Virgin Gorda, the superb shorelines on Jost van Dyke island alongside the gigantic decent variety of tropical winged creatures, the remote and confined Sister islands, cays, and islets.

The Sailing Opportunities –

Is it accurate to say that you are hoping to escape from your bustling timetable? Or on the other hand simply need to encounter the security of the detached shoreline? Or on the other hand need to join the depravities, thrilling breaks? The British Virgin Islands have genuinely something for everybody.

The BVI is where most yacht hartererss begin their enterprise and in addition where cruising mariners around the globe make journeys quite a long time.

Keep in mind, there’s no better method to find a definitive pleasures of the BVI than a sailboat. The islands offer protected waters with negligible tidal streams, couple of unmarked risks, astonishing route helps, the viewable pathway route, and in addition short bounces to get to new goals. Plan for a weeks’ get-away for your Sailing Holidays in BVI and simply book your yacht or flotilla for the social viewpoint and appreciate the cruising and best suntan ever under the reasonable sky.

The Sailing Season –

The winter time is the season of the high season for cruising in the British Virgin Islands. It’s the bustling time as the islands welcome the most noteworthy quantities of mariners from everywhere throughout the world.

The timing —

between December 15 to April 15 is the pinnacle season as the climate is ideal. It’s ideal for those originating from the sub zero temperatures back home.

Aside from the winter, the pre-high season begins from mid-November. It’s chance when the daytime temperature stretches around 85 degrees Fahrenheit and brings down to the 70’s amid the night.

You can appreciate cruising occasions in the British Virgin Islands in the summertime — around June. Things begin to change the warm temperatures and it has a tendency to go into the high 80’s and drop to the high 70’s amid the night.

What to see

The Baths

Leverick bay

Jost Van Dyke

Soggy Dollar

Bitter End Yacht Club

Saba Rock

Cooper Island

Willy T’s


How to get there

Step by step instructions to get to the British Virgin Islands;

From St Thomas, USVI

Visa Requirements

US residents require a substantial visa to enter the British Virgin Islands with verification of an arrival or ahead ticket.

European residents require a substantial visa to enter the British Virgin Islands with verification of an arrival or ahead ticket. Guests from a few nations may require a visa – if all else fails please check with your closest BVI Tourist Board. On the off chance that you are venturing out to the BVI through the United States of America you should be in control of a machine-lucid visa.

Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA)

Global explorers who are looking to movement to/from the British Virgin Islands by means of the United States under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) are presently subject to upgraded security prerequisites and will be required to pay a regulatory expense. Applications can be made on the web.

ESTA application

If you don’t mind make sure to carry a printout of the authorization with you.


Without US visa or ESTA

If you are a European cityzen and you are enable to have a US visa, you are in luck! The British Virgin Islands are still a British colony and so the are part of the Europe “legally speaking”. There are not direct flights to the BVI but you can flight to another European colony, St.Maarten a dutch/french colony famous for the Maho Beach and enjoy the landing planes in the beach as closer as you have ever seen them.

maho beach st maarten bvi plane landing


 Irma Aftermatch

Post Irma times cruising in the BVI is very extraordinary. It is prescribed to those cruising devotees who need to appreciate peace, and the environment of BVI as it was quite a while back before being overpopulated by visitors and also the ones who appreciate in place nature with couple of vacationers!

There are obviously numerous sights that are not accessible but rather the way that there is so couple of vacationers around offers likewise novel chance to encounter the islands they way they were 30 years prior. Watch this video recorded by our client amid cruising get-away in the BVI in January of 2018.

All primary staple/markets are open and very much loaded. The primary healing facility in Road Town Tortola endured least harms and is too operational. Power and water is out in numerous spots however there is obviously water accessible in the Navigare base and in some different spots. Mobile phone organize for the most part works and Internet/wifi on Navigare yachts works nearly as previously.

Streets on Tortola are in not all that great condition, compute on no less than twofold the transportation time contrasted and pre-Irma. ATM machines are accessible on Tortola and it is encouraged to convey money to a bigger degree than ordinary the same number of spots don’t acknowledge charge cards as a result of the absence of influence.

Anchorage or Moorings Britican Visited

  • Tortola
    – Nanny Cay Marina
    – Soper’s Hole (mooring ball)
    – Trellis Bay (mooring ball)
    – Marina Cay (mooring ball)
  • Virgin Gorda
    – Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor
    – The Baths (anchored)
    – Leverick Bay (anchored)
    – The Bitter End (mooring ball)
    – Saba Rock
  • Jost van Dyke
    – Great Harbor (mooring ball)
    – Little Harbor (mooring ball) – Sidney’s Peace and Love is worth a visit. It’s a self serve bar. You get to go behind the bar and help yourself.
  • Salt Island
    – Salt Island Bay (day only – anchored)
  • Peter Island
    – Deadman Bay (anchored)
  • Norman Island
    – The Bight (mooring bally)
    – The Caves and Privateer Bay (day only – anchored)
    – Benures Bay (anchored)