All You Need to Know About the Volvo Ocean Race 2018

All You Need to Know About the Volvo Ocean Race 2018

About Volvo Ocean Race 2018

Volvo ocean race is a unique event, which started multiple years ago. Within a short time period, this event has gained a lot of popularity and sailors around the world are willing to participate in this event. The Volvo ocean race 2018 is the 13th event of the Volvo ocean games series and this event was quite successful. This event started on 17th October 2017 and continued till 30th June 2018. The organizers of this event conduct it in different parts of the globe in order to grab the attention of different sailors and large number of audience. This race was started in Spain, and it was also conducted in Netherlands. This adventure water sport has attracted millions of hearts, and multiple expert sailors around the world this unique initiative also created new opportunities for the people who aspire to become a sailor one day. Volvo is known as the leading commercial and personal vehicle manufacturer, but after conducting this race this organization has made a serious place in the water sports as well.


New Added Features of Volvo Ocean Race 2018

The 2018 Volvo ocean race is the 13th event of the global Volvo ocean event. In this event, the organizers introduced new sets of rules, and the sailors witnessed a lot of new rules. The event organisers used a different boat for this event. Previously the Volvo open 70 boat was being used by the organizers, but later experts revealed that this model of boat is not appropriate for this kind of racing. The experts, and the organizers of this event introduced Volvo introduced Volvo 65 for this race.

The new model of boat is much more durable and cost effective compared to the previous edition of Volvo 70. This new boat is much more safe and secure for the users, and it is fast too. According to the experts, this new boat will make this event more exciting. Also the organizers of this event introduced new set of rules and regulations for this event. The ratio of men and women participants was revised in this 13th edition of the Volvo ocean race.

New crew members, and the new rules have helped this event to create a mark in the world of yatch tournament, and it has created new milestones as well. the organizers of this event has also introduced new marking system for a fair competition and the new marking system has also made this game more exciting compared to its previous generation events. Previously getting power on the hatch was a big issue, and that was creating a lot of problem for the competitors. Specially to operate the GPS system, and communication radio power is needed. To meet the need of power, the boat manufacturers used new set of hydro generators on the boats. This is also a great move from the side of the boat manufacturers, and by introducing the new hydro generators the event organizers have solved multiple issues with one single move.

Alicante stopover. Leg 01 start. Photo by Ainhoa Sanchez/Volvo Ocean Race. 22 October, 2017.

Competitors of Volvo ocean Race 2018

This event was actually quite successful, and the application from the willing participants actually astonished the organizers. The organizers of this event got more applications than they expected, and they finalised only few of them. They selected only 8 teams for the 2018 Volvo ocean race.


Team Akzo Nobel

This team participated in this event with the new Volvo 65 yatch. This team was the first team to get selected for this event, and the officials announced this name 15 months prior to the race.


Dong Feng Race Team

This team belongs to China, and this is their second year in this competition. They have taken this competition to the next level with their outstanding dedication and commitment. The skipper of this team is from France, and this is their second performance in this event. This team joined this race in the year 2014, and after that they have won the hearts of millions of viewers. This team has experienced crew members from China and France. This team has world class sailors, and expert sailors from China and France has helped this team to become a world class team. Their outstanding performance in this game has won the heart of millions of users.



This team is a perfect example of fine quality performance and dedication. This team belong to France. This team has won the heart of millions of viewers, and they are the perfect example of fine quality performance. This team consist of world class sailors, and they belong to the different part of the globe. This team has some world class athletes, and they astonished the viewers with their outstanding performance.


Vestas 11th Hour Racing

His team represents USA and Denmark. This team was full of skilled sailors, and they came together from different parts of the globe. The main objective of this team was to overwhelm the world with fine quality team spirit and extra ordinary performance. Though only winning the race was not their only objective they also used this global platform to spread the message of sustainability, and eco-friendly product usage.



This team is from Japan. This team is the perfect example of team spirit, and this game is all about the co-ordination between the team members. Sailing is not the task of a single person, and equal contribution from all the team members is needed. This team joined this game after 20 years of their last performance. Though they surprised everybody with their fine quality sailing skills this team created a good place for Asian sailors, and they also created some bench mark for them.


Turn The Tide On Plastic

This team is from the United Nations. Though the sailors came from the different part of the globe to participate in this event. This tam joined this game not for a competition, rather their main focus on spreading the message of sustainability. They expressed their concern of world ocean health, a how plastic and other harmful products are ruining the normal health of the ocean. This team was backed by multiple social activists, and they successfully conducted an awareness campaign by using this world wide platform.



This team was from the Netherlands. According to the experts of this game, they have participated in different parts of Volvo ocean games and they have travelled more than any other competitors of this game. This team is a perfect example of best quality performance and team spirit.

volvo ocean race 2018 brunel team


Route Information

Most of the events of 2018 Volvo ocean race took place in Hong Kong, USA, and Alicante. Most of the in port race was held in Alicante port. Some of the in-port race was held in Lisbon, and USA. The leg 1 of this race was held in Alicante, the route started from Alicante and ended in Lisbon. This competition was held in different parts of the world, and some of the in port race were held in Hong Kong port. The leg 5 and the leg6 of the 2018 Volvo ocean race was held in Hon Kong port, and finished in Auckland. Leg 8 of this race tool place in Itajaji, and the leg 9 took place in Newport.


Results of 2018 Volvo ocean Race

Team Burnel bagged the medals from the most of the race events, and they have won the maximum number of first prizes in the event. That is why team Burnel can be considered as the overall winners of this race. Though, if you consider the result of in-port race then Mapfre bagged the most of the medals. Team Mapfre has bagged the maximum number of Medals for the in port race events.



There is no doubt that Volvo has created a unique water sport, and this new sport has gained the attention of millions of viewers from different parts of the globe. This event takes to 8 months to complete, and they attract thousands of investors. This game has also turned out as an important global platform, and multiple people are using this platform in different ways. Some investors are using this platform to promote their brand all around the globe, and some people are using this platform to show their concern for environmental degradation. Because of over user of plastics, and releasing harmful chemicals into the water, the global environment is degrading at a faster speed. Because of plastic, and water pollution, multiple species have become the endangered species. Sea life is degrading because of pollution every day, and this event has successfully drawn the attention of multiple people to look into this matter. This event has also work as an awareness campaign, and helped people understand that ocean is an import part of human life too. This event also is a good place of showing the skills of expert sailors. Expert sailors join different team, and they come from different parts of the globe. Yet all the team members’ work together to make the team win, and this conveys the message of integrity among the world population.