Seasonsail – The high-end brand reinventing the Yachting fashion

Seasonsail – The high-end brand reinventing the Yachting fashion

If you’re wondering what to wear on your mega-yacht this summer, we’ve found just the brand for you. Introducing Seasonsail’s luxuriously appointed collection.

The brand is a sign of identity for any sailing and yacht lover. The bound to the ocean and runs deeply in their veins.


The high-end designs are simple an minimal, a showcase of the finest Danish Design principles, with care for quality and long lasting garments that will pass on generations.

What is all the hype about?

  • Beautifully designed in Denmark
  • Crafted to last, sustainable thinking
  • Unique comfort and fit


But Jaime Rossello, 30-year-old CEO and designer of the clothing brand Seasonsail, is quick to defend the cost of the designs he’s offering this season—and even quicker to dismiss the notion that their price is a little too high.

“These are not your standard “wear for a summer, beat it up, and throw it away type disposable clothing. These items are crafted to detail with the best materials. They are built to last. And they are insanely comfortable.”

Pricing matches quality. However, you can get the Seasonsail’s Club Member Discount from us for limited time only!


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Available to order now at Seasonsail’s.