The Yacht Week – One week party at sea

The Yacht Week – One week party at sea

Spend a party holiday on a yacht with friends and hundreds of other people from 19 different nations. What sounds like it could afford only the super rich, is now also possible for package tourists, more specifically for young party-crazy tourists. The spring break at sea has little in common with a leisurely sailing trip: Seven days of a party on the sea are not for boring landlubbers.

A sailing trip with party guarantee

Inspiring young people to sail – that was the original idea when the two Swedes William Wenkel and Erik Biörklund set out for the first Yacht Week in 2008. At that time, it was mainly friends and acquaintances who sailed through the Adriatic Sea off Croatia. Over the years, more and more boats became available. Today, there are several hundred yachts sailing with their party folk on board the paradise islands and mooring in the most beautiful marinas, where lavish party nights are celebrated. And now The Yacht Week is no longer just in Croatia: Italy, Greece, Turkey, Thailand and the British Virgin Islands are also the organizers of the event, organizing the one-week sailing trips with party guarantees in the most beautiful holiday regions.

Ahoy, party holiday!

It’s supposed to be a week like she would not have imagined in his wildest dreams whether experienced sailor or yacht newcomer the party community unites the unforgettable experience in Croatia. Yachturlaubbedeutet here on the road to be and to the house beats talented DJs with plenty of alcoholic drinks to party.

For The Yacht Week you do not even have to own your own boat, let alone a sailing license – the offer includes skippers and crew, who maneuver the yacht safely along the coasts and on board for the well-being of the tourists. If you still want to charter your own boat, you will quickly find what you are looking for in Croatia.

The best party hotspots

The great atmosphere in Croatia on a yacht holiday is also shaped by the many impressive destinations. Not without reason, the island of Hvar is also referred to as the new Saint Tropez: beach clubs like the “Carpe Diem” are at least as exclusive, the beaches even more beautiful and the mood probably even more exuberant than on the Côte d. That’s why Hvarneben Split, Brac and Vis is one of the four party ports on the Croatian route of The Yacht Week. On the other islands, too, there are beautiful bays, vibrant clubs, lively bars and lively cities. It is exactly what the young people in Croatia are hoping for from a yachting vacationer. And if you need refreshment, just jump from the deck into the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea.

Advice for experienced sailors and sail beginners

After you have decided on a sailing trip, you should familiarize yourself with some important things. Greece has a Mediterranean climate with lots of sunshine and mild temperatures, which makes sailing on the Greek seas very pleasant. The coasts that border the Ionian, Cretan, Aegean and the

Mediterranean are very diverse and known for their crystal-clear seawater. If you want a dynamic sailing trip and want to test your sailing skills, go on a trip in the Sporades. It is important to choose a reliable charter agency for your sailing holiday in Greece!

Bareboat charter or charter me crew in Greece?

In Greece, there are three charter options: charter without skipper (bareboat), with skipper or with crew. Bareboat charter means that you control the boat yourself, which requires a sailing license. If you do not have one, charter a boat with skipper. Skippers are not only experienced sailors; they also know your chosen area very well and will be a kind of tour guide for you. If you want a truly carefree sailing trip in Greece, it’s recommended chartering a yacht with crew. The crew takes care of the navigation and the meals. Yachts with crew are usually luxurious and equipped with many extras.

Rent a private yacht and crew

Water holidays are in vogue: The cruise industry alone recorded new records with more than 24 million passengers worldwide, including around two million Germans. But for friends of water, wind and waves, there are still many alternatives to the ocean liners. Decelerated houseboat holidays on Europe’s rivers and canals, Caribbean or Mediterranean island hopping on a sailing catamaran or just a luxury cruise on a private yacht with its own crew. Participants always choose their own daily routine, enjoy the active community experience and even invade places that are only accessible from the water. As per The Yacht Week Review, for this season, various specialty providers have news for professionals and novices in the program.

Floating Apartments – Holiday on the houseboat

For a sightseeing stop or market visit, spontaneously jump into the blue wet or take a bike ride on land – depending on the area allows a houseboat tour many activities. Controlling a “floating apartment” usually requires neither previous knowledge nor a boating license. After a briefing on the takeover, the captain’s adventure starts. At an average of eight kilometers per hour, there is enough time to observe the passing scenery. Every day brings new discoveries and the evening’s end on deck or in the spacious salon. The docking maneuvers and locks passages promote team spirit.

All the amenities that can be found in a vacation home travel – from the fully equipped kitchen with microwave to DVD player. Whether it’s a family with children or a friend’s clique, there’s room for two to twelve people in the various types of Le Boat’s are the largest. There is also a wide range of routes in 16 different regions, including France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and the Netherlands.

(With) Sailing

Sportier it is when sailing. Here, skippers and crew tackle the sailing, turning and jibing. It is an experience that water rats without a license to sail do not have to miss. Newcomers thus benefit from all the advantages of an individual trip, without taking responsibility for the boat. The skipper knows his territory, heads for the most beautiful snorkeling sites, anchored in hidden bays and leads into the restaurants with the most delicious lobster. He is always happy about helping hands, shows the best

knot technology and what is important when sailing. If you want to deepen your knowledge, you can also book a sailing course or else follow The Yacht Week Review.

In convoy to wine and rum delights – flotilla sailing

In flotilla sailing, several yachts travel together in advance. The professional escort on a guide boat gives security especially to newcomers, families or somewhat out of training sailors. In addition, the communal experience with like-minded people on up to twelve yachts in the foreground. Every crew has the freedom to choose their own course. For the coming season Sunsail has expanded its flotilla offer: There are various wine and pleasure tours in Croatia and Italy. For the first time ever, a rum-tasting flotilla in the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean combines sailing fun with the tasting of local spirits specialties. During the holiday season, there are family flotillas where a children’s entertainer with the party is available.

With Skipper and Hostess: Crewed Yacht Charter

As mentioned in the latest edition of The Yacht Week Review, if you’re looking for something special, book a “crewed yacht charter” as a luxurious form of “all-inclusive vacation” – a whole sailing or motor yacht and crew. The navigation is in the hands of an experienced skipper. A trained hostess takes care of the physical well-being and care of the passengers. Specialist for Crewed Yacht Charter is the premium provider The Moorings. Its route selection ranges from the Caribbean, the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. New territories will be added in coming years, Puerto Rico and the Spanish Virgin Islands. For the first time The Moorings also offers the opportunity to combine the trips with special experiences such as dives.

What and how much food should one buy while sailing?

How much food you bring on board depends on the number of people. To roughly estimate the amount of food you will need, make a rough calculation: multiply the approximate amount a person eats per day by the number of days you spend.

The rule of thumb is to always bring a little more food and drink with you – just play it safe. Of course, this rule only applies to the non-perishable article. As for the perishable products, you can buy them in the marinas every few days. There are no special rules about what you can take on board and what not. Do not forget to drink enough water and snacks. You can take both non-alcoholic drinks and alcohol.

Buy enough for all meals

Which food should one buy while sailing? Experts strongly advise to make a list and classify all products in three categories: breakfast, lunch and dinner, for breakfast you simply buy what you usually like to eat: milk, cereals, bagels, eggs, ham, jam, butter and bread. At lunchtime you can cook anything you like. But if you do not want to waste too much time cooking, make your meals as uncomplicated as possible and buy products that are good for making fresh salads. These include lettuce, various vegetables, canned tuna, pasta and pasta, cheese and meat (e.g. chicken). You should plan the preparation of dinners well each time.

Get enough drinks

As far as drinks are concerned, the rule of thumb is: 1.5 liters of water per person per day. Do not forget to buy enough beer and mineral water. On board you will certainly drink more than at home. The list should be supplemented with coffee and tea.