Travelling to Dubai in a Cruise

Travelling to Dubai in a Cruise

Do you dream of a journey unlike any other? Immerse yourself in an explosive mix of modernity, excessiveness and sunshine. Prepare for an avalanche of sensations with a cruise in Dubai! Futuristic buildings, sandy beaches and warm sea in all seasons: in the heart of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai the Emirate and Dubai, its capital promise you both an unforgettable stopover. Spectacular city sprung from the sand of a fishing port, the city dazzles, enchants, surprises but never leaves cold. Make yourself comfortable on a high-end ship, and let yourself go for a superlative getaway.

So now you must be wandering about Dubai sailing, here is all the required information accumulated just for you.

Dubai is an old fishing port today transformed into a metropolis. The city has grown thanks to its direct access to the Persian Gulf, facilitating the transit of people and goods. In short cruises will get you on these waters and thus enjoy a new perspective on the city.

The tours take place aboard small yellow zodiacs (rather comfortable and stylish!) And take us to discover different monuments from the water.

Tip: different durations are proposed for these cruises (45 mn, 1h15 or 1h30). We opted for the 1h30 cruise, in order to have a complete panorama. Even with this duration, time flies and there is no time to be bored! Avoid the 45-minute cruise, a bit short and not including the discovery of the Atlantis hotel,

The journey begins

Between the warm waters of the Gulf of Arabia and the golden sand of the desert, a cruise to the United Arab Emirates can only stopover in Dubai. Disembark without preconceived ideas and immerse yourself in the hyper-charged atmosphere of a hyperactive country! Walk in the shadow of majestic skyscrapers and let yourself be carried away by a futuristic elevator, from Burj Al-Arab to Burj Khalifa.

At the top of luxurious hotels, enjoy a cocktail at the same time as the view, before descending to stroll in huge shopping centers. Stroll the streets of the famous artificial islands in the shape of a palm or a world map, visit the craziest architectural achievements and recover with fragrant tajine by the sea. Between its ski resort in the desert and its underwater hotel, the capital city propose to blow on the fine sand, time for an enchanting swim in its turquoise waters … unless you opt for a dip in the gigantic pools and water parks of hotels. From the Mediterranean or even to Asia, your cruise in Dubai offers you the many wonders of the Arabian Peninsula. Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan, Egypt … Are you there already? Pack your bags, ship again.

The “Discovering the United Arab Emirates” cruise offered by the MSC company allows the discovery of these cities whose heart beats to the rhythm of the excess, but also invites to see those who remain attached to the traditions and to tread the mysterious desert.

The zodiac then takes us at full speed to the hotel Burj Al Arab . Same process: anecdotes, photos and small break to enjoy the view. We finally take the way back by taking a different route, passing especially under the bridges leading to the palm.

From the past to the future

This is one of the things we see while cruising the Persian Gulf aboard the MSC ship. The discovery of oil in 1958 not only metamorphosed the landscape of the region, but upset the life of the Emirati. While these modest fishing villages turned into megacities in the heart of a green oasis, the nomads became prosperous sedentary, operating lucrative businesses and living in pretty houses by the sea.

Today, on festive days or during weekends, these new rich piled up their family in their 4 X 4 and leave to pitch their tent … in the desert! This is a kind of homecoming.

Impeccably dressed in the “dishdaha” (long white dress, white cap and double black crown), the traditional costume of the inhabitants of the gulf, the Emiratis move behind large cars, usually black, and are very inaccessible. Their wives are discreet and it is not uncommon to cross them wearing a mask of cardboard, leather or even gold, covering the eyebrows, nose and mouth.

Despite one of the most modern lifestyle in the world, ancestral traditions are still very present. Thus, alcohol is forbidden (it is only found in the restaurants of major hotels) and the laws are strict: theft is severely punished, begging is not tolerated and workers from India, Pakistan, The Philippines or elsewhere must work if they want to stay in the country.

If these instructions seem to be of another age, they do not prevent foreigners from flocking in search of work and above all they provide great security for tourists who are never afraid to walk the streets or the streets. Metro is available at any time of the day.

For some visitors, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are nothing more than the new Las Vegas; for others, it is a showcase of ill-considered wealth, while many see it as a mega-city with an unbridled imagination and a vision of the future.

Between sea and desert

Still thinking about Dubai sailing, then read carefully.

The “Discovering the United Arab Emirates” cruise makes a stopover in Abu Dhabi, whose buildings compete daringly with Dubai, in Muscat, the white capital of the Sultanate of Oman which has modernized while retaining a human dimension, and in two commercial ports, Khor Al Fakkan (UAE) and Khasab (Oman). From there, excursions lead to the emirate of Fujairah, still steeped in tradition, but also to the golden dunes of the desert, beaches, mountains and reserves protecting endangered species.

Few days at sea allow you to enjoy the many facilities of the ship, to bask in the sun at the edge of the pools or, if luck smiles, to be seduced by the dolphin dance or the incredible ballet of small boats loaded big bales. The latter cleverly weave themselves, at dawn or dusk, between the huge commercial cargo ships that number in the Hormuz Strait by the hundreds. (Intelligence later taken with a guide, it would be smugglers risking every day their lives to transport their goods to Iran …)

On the morning of the disembarkation, by setting foot again on the ground of Dubai, one says oneself that it will be necessary to return. This brief incursion into this changing part of the world only served to arouse our curiosity.

Back home, it’s with a new interest that we will be interested in the news bulletins announcing the start-up of incredible museums, daring amusement parks and even a canal that the cranes are already busy digging to connect, as in Venice, the main attractions of the city of Dubai.

More to Know

For the next season, this seven-day cruise will be offered every week between December 12and M arch aboard the MSC Musica Cost: starting at $ 765.

This is the best time to visit the UAE. In summer, the temperatures range between 40 ° C and 55 ° C (with 80% humidity).

Among the excursions offered, a special package offers a tour of the three cities (Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman) by tourist bus (Big Bus). The 24-hour tickets include stops at major points of interest and provide information in several languages, including French.

In Dubai, the “Frying Pan Adventure” tour allows for a foray into the daily life of the Emiratis with a visit to the fascinating fish market, the spice or gold souk and local small restaurants. Next to the creek is the “dhow”, the ancestral boat that connects the two districts of the old town.

Getting there: Many airlines fly to Dubai. We opted for Qatar Airways, Qatar’s national oil-producing state, which is also fueling gigantism. The company offers a service worthy of the glorious past of aviation and offers three weekly flights from Montreal to Doha, from where daily departures (every hour) to Dubai. The spectacular Doha Airport includes a hotel, swimming pool and spa in the security zone.

Advantage of travelling by a Cruise

Cruises are an excellent way to get to know other places, to travel to other countries, with the convenience of staying in boats that are five star hotels. These types of boats are designed to offer travelers an unforgettable experience while visiting distant countries or different cultures.

Among the many advantages of cruise travel is the fact of not having to be changing hotel, or having to make and unload luggage at all times.

Large cruise companies have studied their gastronomic and leisure activities perfectly, in such a way that the stay of all its clients is unrepeatable, regardless of the type of person: families with children, couples seeking the tranquility of an exotic vacation, etc.

Hope this article about Dubai sailing answers all your questions about this type of trip, to publicize destinations or boats that we believe are worthwhile.